The Big Draw Sketch Book

Part one Chair Drawings

Through out the second module we were handed out sketch books so that we could keep a record of of our work from different projects. During the module ways of seeing  we were put into groups of fives, each group did different activity each day for example on Monday my group was tasked to draw staff sitting on their chairs. The activity was similar to life drawing i did through school at university however instead of nude models we had staff sitting on different chairs and changing posses as well.







As you can see my life drawing is not great unfortunately, which will be my next task as i feel that we need to set ourselves new challenges to improve and be able to do more. After doing a set of life drawings we moved on and drawn chairs from the universities archive set on tables, here is a set of chair drawings i did from that day!

Part two DJ CAD Library map

afterwards we had to go down and draw a plan view of the DJ CAD library, down below you can see my rough sketch of the library.


Part two Journey map project

This week were tasked with making a journey map about our life how we started and where we want to go and do in the future here is my practice and final journey map both on A3.





unfortunately During the display of our work some people didn’t quite understand what i did and where i would like to be in the future so i have bullet pointed key facts etc :

  1. I was born in Poland and stayed there for six years. (1999 – 2006)
  2. Then me and my family moved here to Dundee in Scotland the same year during summer holidays.
  3.  When the holiday ended i started going to primary school and had to learn both      Polish and English at same time
  4. Then came High school where i studied for six years and during those six years i  completed bronze Duke of Edinburgh and been part of A.C.F for four years. (2011 – 2017).
  5. In High school i mainly focused on Art and Design which was my favourite subject    as i have been raised in artistic family but also because i was able to sit for hours and draw which brought me joy.
  6. In sixth year i applied for two courses at college and another two at University in    Dundee, In September time i managed to get a place at DJ CAD to study Interior          Design.
  7. My first goal is to successfully graduate  at DJ CAD after four years or stay for one    more year and do my Master degree in Interior Design.
  8.  After Graduating I would like to take a year break and do a road trip around Europe or America and see what is out there in our world.
  9.  I would then like to get back into photography which i studied in sixth year of High school which i enjoyed and found a new hobby
  10. My final goal is to find a job as a interior designer either for a big company or  start a business of my own somewhere in Canada or New York in America, however this doesn’t mean i wouldn’t go somewhere else in USA. These two countries have always been my favourite as i have watched a lot of  documentaries about various things such as the landscape/nature and culture overall.


in conclusion this module has taught couple important things that play part in our journey as artists and designers, the method of gathering and storing drawings in sketch books is really important and beneficial as it helps others understand as well as showing them the process of our thinking as well as how we develop projects. Before this module i did understand the importance of sketch book however i nether took it seriously and in fact avoided it,  this is because i dont feel confident to show others my work or sometimes i take longer to draw something and end up not finishing in time which leads to a sketch book full of unfinished work.  In this module I used my sketchbook to bring new concepts into the projects and to support my way of thinking. in class myself and others were told not to be precious with our drawings and to use them as concepts rather than individual finalised projects.


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